Nobody ever said meditation is simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult either. Many of us live busy lives between work, family, school, and social commitments. It can be difficult to find enough downtime in the day to relax. Thankfully, practicing meditation doesn’t require hours sitting alone in a quiet room. You can achieve peace and relaxation using your smartphone taking as little as a few minutes a day! Following are five of the best meditation apps you can use to help you practice on-the-go.


Headspace styles itself as the “personal trainer” for your mind. In exchange for ten minutes of your day, this app will guide you through the basics of meditation. It also has a handy tracking page for your progress allowing you see how much you’ve improved each day, as well as an optional buddy system allowing you and a friend to motivate each other to stay on track. Headspace even includes several different recordings for you to use based on your preferences or mood at the time All in all, Headspace is one of the best meditation apps out there. However, its hefty price tag can be a deal breaker for those looking for a cheaper solution. After a ten day trial, subscriptions must be purchased based at a monthly, yearly, bi-yearly, or lifetime rate.


Calm is the perfect meditation app for those looking for a more flexible experience. The guided meditations here range from as little as two minutes in length, to half an hour. This is great for looking for a quick moment of relaxation in the middle of the day, or anyone wanting to establish a daily routine. In addition to guided meditations, Calm also includes nature sounds to help keep you relaxed while they play in the background. The app also has a companion website allowing you access to these features from your computer. The first chapter of this six part app is free, but the next six will cost you an additional $5. This makes Calm cheaper than other options such as headspace, but providing you with much less content. Additional chapters are beneficial for those who are serious about meditation, but may seem repetitive for more causal users.


With several different recordings based on a range of scenarios from “feeling stressed” to “travel”, Buddhify tries to give you the right meditation for the right emotion. This is great for those who suffer situational anxiety or just need a quick-fix to get them through a difficult day. While it is extremely effective at this, many users find it less effective for establishing a daily meditation routine.


Omvana is different from the other apps on our list, as it is less of a meditation app itself and more of a library of meditative recordings. Its extremely vast library has recordings for just about every situation you could think of. Additionally, Omvana integrates with HealthKit on iOS and will suggest different recordings to you based on your current stress level. Omvana is a great choice for those looking for a wide variety of guided meditations, but what it gains in content it sometimes lacks in structure found in other apps such as Calm or Headspace.


This app is designed to give its users a much needed break and relaxation during a busy and stressful day. The guided meditations within can be listened to accompanied by music or nature sounds, or simply with voice alone. Take A Break is a decent choice for finding your little moment of peace during the chaos of the work day, however with only two guided meditations it doesn’t provide near as much content as other mediation apps.


Meditation apps are a great way to get your dose of mindfulness on the go. Many of these apps ask for just a few short minutes of your time and in exchange they can help you achieve the focus and clarity needed to get through the day. Apps like Headspace and Calm are great for those looking to establish a daily routine, while Buddhify, Omvana, and Take A Break are great choices to help deal with situational anxiety and other day to day worries. Have you tried any of these apps? Leave us a comment below and be sure to tell us what you think!


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